Green Suite

The Green Suite is a living area at UC Berkeley that demonstrates how to live more sustainably. The area shows different ways to lessen one's impact on the environment ranging from green technologies to simple habit changes. Visit the area to learn more about how you can become more green.

The Green Suite @ Foothill: Global Environment Theme Program
The Green Suite focuses on green technologies that reduce water and energy consumption, including pressure-assist toilets. The Green Suite also demonstrates how a typical college student can live more sustainably without drastically changing his/her lifestyle or spending copious amounts of money.

Learn more about living sustainably and explore the Green Suite by perusing our Virtual Tour, which also contains green product information cards. If you like what you see, sign up to see the Green Suite in person.

Sign Up for a Tour
Reservations are required for all tours. Visitors must have a UC Berkeley or University of California identification card and must present it at the beginning of the tour. Tour space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To sign up for a tour, please email with your (1) name, (2) affiliation (student, faculty, staff, etc.), (3) SID (if applicable), and (4) date, time, and location of tour. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know if there is a space on the tour you requested.

Members of the media can sign up for a tour by contacting the Green Room Committee at Credentials are required.

The Green Room Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

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