Where will you live while
you attend Cal?

The Living at Cal site can help you decide. Whether you live in the residence halls with friends, or with family in university family housing or in an apartment of your own, one of the most exciting phases of your life is about to begin. Your home at Cal will be an important part of your college experience.

For Residence Halls and Single Student Housing
call 510-642-4108
> Residence Halls
> Ida Jackson Apartments
> Channing Bowditch Apartments
> Manville Apartments
For Family Student Housing
call 510-642-4109
Student Family Housing Available Now!
> University Village, Albany

Important Links

> Living at Cal
> Theme Programs
> Rates
> Compare the Halls Chart
> Residence Hall Policies
> Student Family Housing
> Summer Sessions Housing
> Residential Computing



> Residence Halls Appeals Board Instruction Sheet
> Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Policy and Request Form
> Animal Accommodations Form
> Checking Out of Your Residence Hall Instruction Sheet
> Residence Hall Contract Transfer Request
> Family Student Housing Guidebook
> Exercise Equipment Use Waiver
> Parking and Transportation

Terms and Conditions

> T&C Residence Halls 2014-15
> T&C Wada and Martinez Apartments 2014-15
> T&C Substance-Free Environment, Unit 1 2014-15
> T&C Residence Halls Spring 2015
> T&C Wada and Martinez Apartments Spring 2015

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