Fall Freshmen

Freshmen admitted to the fall semester 2014 receive a two-year housing guarantee!

Housing is guaranteed to all fall freshmen admits who apply by the application deadline, May 7, 2014.
You must adhere to all deadlines and a residence hall offer will be emailed to you. There are many housing environments to choose from: traditional highrise residence halls, suite environments, single gender living, and theme programs. Each one has a unique style and amenities that make it special. When you live in the residence halls, you have a meal plan, Academic Services Centers, security monitor programs, live-in health workers, computing centers, tutoring, advising, in-room data lines, and a community that cares about you and your academic success!


Begin by reading the descriptions of the halls below and then apply for your choices (remember to select only doubles or triples, as the chances of first year students getting a single room are extremely slim).

Clark Kerr Campus: 900 students, 22 staff — co-ed residence halls and single gender suite environments. Single, double and triple rooms in residence hall buildings mixed with single, double and triple rooms in suite buildings.

Foothill: 791 students, 21 staff — co-ed and single gender suites, single, double rooms and triple rooms in suites.

Bowles: 192 first-year male students, 5 staff — quad rooms with shared common area for studying and 2 adjoining small rooms with bunked beds.

Stern: 267 female students, 7 staff — single, double and triple residence hall rooms and a few double rooms in suites.

Unit 1: 1434 students in 4 high rise halls and 2 mini suite buildings, 31 staff — 4 residence hall towers with co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple rooms and a few triple rooms in suites, and 2 mini-suite buildings .

Unit 2: 1435 students in 4 high rise halls, 1 mini suite, 1 apartment building, 31 staff — 4 residence hall towers with co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple rooms, and a few triple rooms in suites, 1 mini-suite building with double and triple occupancy bedrooms, 1 apartment building which houses upper-division students.

Unit 3: 1240 students in 4 high rise halls, 1 mid-rise building, 27 staff — co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple residence hall rooms and a few triple rooms in suites.


Freeborn Hall, one building in the Unit 1 complex, is designated as a Substance-Free Environment. Residents make a pact with their peers to keep the community free of smoke, alcohol, and drugs. They plan and host substance-free programming, events, and activities.


Residence Hall Theme Programs: There are seven theme programs in the residence halls. Click on the links for further information.
African American Theme Program
Asian Pacific American Theme Program
Casa Magdalena Mora
Global Environment Theme House (GETH)
Native American Theme Program
Unity House: Exploring Diverse Genders and Sexualities
Women in Science and Engineering Theme Program

Please Note: While most residence halls offers are contingent on a random lottery number, the theme programs look for students and make offers according to your application where you describe your interest in the program and critical issues posed in today's society on the topic. Be sure to apply if you are interested in any of the programs, as it is one good way to bypass the lottery number system of assignments.


UC Berkeley, in conjunction with the California Department of Rehabilitation, offers a one-of-a-kind independent living program, the Disabled Students' Residence Program (DSRP). The DSRP assists students with physical disabilities, usually requiring a motorized wheelchair and daily attendant assistance. They participate for two semesters, developing independent living skills. The DSRP assists students with learning how to hire, train and manage their own attendants and maintain the financial resources required to continue living independently.

Additionally, the Disabled Students' Program (DSP) on campus can assist students with disabilities and other special needs in getting accommodations for housing. Some residence hall rooms on the Berkeley campus have been modified for physically disabled, deaf, hard of hearing, and visually impaired students. In order to receive the appropriate accommodations, students must request an accommodation on the housing application, provided documentation regarding their condition and register with the DSP. 

For more information, write or call the

Disabled Students' Program
230 Cesar Chavez Student Center #4250
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-4250
Voice: (510) 642-0518 or TDD: (510) 642-6376
Website http://www.dsp.berkeley.edu


Cal Rentals assists students with making informed choices about the various housing options available, including off-campus rental housing. Its rental listing service offers on-demand updates of rentals online. Students may also make printouts of listings in the Cal Rentals office. For information, click the Cal Rentals link, or send e-mail to homeinfo@berkeley.edu, call (510) 642-3644 or visit the office at 2610 Channing Way.

Cal Rentals Office

2610 Channing Way
Walk in hours:
Monday - Friday
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

For drop-in counseling or call for an appointment.

University Village, Albany, Smyth Fernwald

Resource, Berkeley's Official Student Handbook

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