Fall Transfer Students

Housing is guaranteed to all fall transfer admits who apply by June 7, 2014. You must adhere to all deadlines and a residence hall or apartment offer will be emailed in late June.

One hall is reserved exclusively for you! Wada Apartments at the Unit 2 complex houses 172 transfer and upper division students. You may also apply to the Channing-Bowditch Apartments, in addition to any of our other housing facilities! We invite you to contact a Cal Rentals housing counselor to discuss your on-campus as well as off-campus housing options.

Wada Apartments in Unit 2
Located at 2650 Haste Street.
172 students, 1 staff, single gender apartments - reserved exclusively for transfer and upper division students in double and triple occupancy rooms. Innovative educational programming designed to aid academic success is offered. The Wada apartments are on academic year contracts only, which are the same as residence halls but are considered off campus for financial aid purposes.


Begin by reading the descriptions of the halls below and then apply for your choices (remember to select doubles or triples, as the chances of students getting a single room are extremely slim).

Clark Kerr Campus: 900 students, 22 staff — co-ed residence halls and single gender suite environments. Single, double and triple rooms in residence hall buildings mixed with single, double and triple rooms in suite buildings.

Foothill: 791 students, 21 staff — co-ed and single gender suites, single, double rooms and triple rooms in suites.

Bowles: 192 first-year male students, 5 staff — quad rooms with shared common area for studying and 2 adjoining small rooms with bunked beds.

Stern: 267 female students, 7 staff — single, double and triple residence hall rooms and a few double rooms in suites.

Unit 1: 1434 students in 4 high rise halls and 2 mini suite buildings, 31 staff — 4 residence hall towers with co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple rooms and a few triple rooms in suites, and 2 mini-suite buildings .

Unit 2: 1435 students in 4 high rise halls, 1 mini suite, 1 apartment building, 31 staff — 4 residence hall towers with co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple rooms, and a few triple rooms in suites, 1 mini-suite building with double and triple occupancy bedrooms, 1 apartment building which houses upper-division students.

Unit 3: 1240 students in 4 high rise halls, 1 mid rise building, 27 staff — co-ed and single gender floors, single, double and triple residence hall rooms and a few triple rooms in suites.

Martinez Commons: 416 students in one co-ed residence hall building and one single sex, single occupancy apartment building. Both buildings operate on the academic year calendar, however, the apartments are considered off campus and do not have meal plans. 404 | Housing

University of California Pathways: Answers for Transfers
is a planning guide for prospective transfer students from California community colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities. It includes important information about admission and selection policies.

Transfer Student Center
The Transfer Student Center provides academic support to new and continuing transfer students at Cal. The center assists transfer students with navigating the campus and its many resources, services, and opportunities. Designed to assist transfer students with making a successful transition to Cal, the center focuses on support services meant to engage and connect transfer students with the campus community. Services include: orientation courses, tutorial, workshops, community events, advising and referral. Transfer students can stop by with questions, make use of our comfortable couches for reading or relaxing, meet with a tutor, find out about scholarship, internship, and undergraduate research opportunities and much more! For more information please visit http://transfer.berkeley.edu

404 | Housing