Berkeley is a large urban community and is not immune to crime. Therefore, you should take an active role in ensuring your own safety and that of your community. There are various safety programs you should know about, both in the residence halls and on campus.

Security Monitors are students who have received safety and security training and they are expected to enforce security standards developed to protect your community.

During the evening hours, Security Monitors are stationed at the entrance of all the halls in Units 1, 2, 3, and Bowles, Stern Halls. The Security Monitor is there to assist in the security of the community and to control access of residents and guests into the building. Upon entering Units 1, 2, 3, and Bowles, Stern Halls, all residents will be required to show their student identification cards. When guests visit you in your hall, you will be responsible to meet them in the lobby and have them sign in.

In addition, the CKC security staff are stationed at the front desk in Building 1, and Foothill staff are at the Foothill / Hillside front desk, to offer a variety of information and services to residents.

Security Monitor hours are:

Sunday - Thursday, 6pm to 2am
Friday - Saturday, 6pm to 3am

You’ve probably heard the saying that there is safety in numbers. You are advised not to travel alone at night, either on or around the campus. Always travel with a friend. For escort service to your car, public transportation or residences, dial 642-WALK and the University Police will provide you with an escort.

Emergency phones are located at various points around campus. Use them if you find yourself in trouble or if you notice someone else having difficulty. The University Police emergency number, 9-911, is listed on each of these phones.

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are employed by the campus Police Department and assist the University community primarily in safety and security. CSOs are identified by their tan uniforms. They are not armed and do not make arrests. They do, however, patrol areas where security may be an issue. You will see them in and around the residences between 6:30 pm - 7:00 am seven days a week.

For more safety information check out these campus websites:

404 | Housing