2014-15 Construction UPDATE

Stern 404 | Housing

Hearst Avenue and Highland Place

Stern Hall is Cal's all female hall located next to the Foothill complex on the northeast side of campus and includes:

  • Single and double rooms; double rooms in suites.
  • Rooms are carpeted and have extra long twin beds, desks, dressers, mirrors, shelving, and closets.
  • Shared bathrooms.
  • Large main lounge with fireplace and baby grand piano.
  • Security Monitor Program.
  • Shared Academic Services Center and Dining Commons with Foothill and Bowles has 24 PC and MAC workstations, laser printers, and hookup to the Campus Network and Internet, as well as academic support and tutoring programs

Room Summary:  
  • All Women
  • Single, Double, and Triple Rooms
  • Double Rooms in Suites
  • Live-In Staff

No Smoking Policy
University of California, Berkeley is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, no smoking is permitted in student rooms, or inside buildings, including lounges, balconies and breezeways, and stairways. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas.


Academic Services Center: Foothill/Bowles/Stern

Reshall Peer Advisors: Foothill/Bowles/Stern


* The hall associations of Foothill, Stern and Bowles plan many joint activities and programs.

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