Eligibility and Conditions of Tenancy

The University of California, Berkeley, offers one Family Student Housing (FSH) option: University Village in Albany. Over the years, University Village has become an active, supportive community for students juggling family and educational responsibilities. A month-to-month rental agreement is required.

A resident of Family Housing must be one of the following:

Eligible applicants for Family Student Housing must be:

  • single and living with child(ren) under the age of 18 or dependent minor(s) for at least 50% of the year¹
  • single and under the age of 18, dependent and living with parent or guardian
  • married, partnered or in a committed relationship and living with child(ren) or dependent minor(s) under the age of 18 for at least 50% of the year
  • couples, married and living with a spouse; or unmarried and living with a domestic partner without children
  • single and living with a dependent over the age of 18²
  • single graduate or re-entry student (eligible for 1-bedroom apartments only)

Postdoctoral Fellows or Visiting Scholars, who have an appointment with UC Berkeley and are currently registered with the Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Affairs (VSPA) office:

  • Post-Docs/Visiting Scholars are offered apartments only when there are no students on the wait list.
  • Due to student demand during the beginning of semesters, i.e. June to August for Fall, and December to January for Spring, Post-Docs/Visiting Scholars (PDVS) will not likely be accommodated during these critical period. PDVS are further advised to find alternative housing for short terms. Note: Priority will be given to PDVS with more than 6 months remaining in their appointment.
  • Post-Docs/Visiting Scholars (PDVS) Occupancy Limit - PDVS are allowed to stay in Family Student Housing until June 30th following their first year of occupancy or until their appointment expires, whichever occurs first (24-month maximum)

¹ A single-parent or guardian must have custody at least 50% of the year. Proof of custody for biological parents includes a Custody Agreement and/or preschool or school enrollment verification. Proof of custody for non-parent guardianship would include a statement from the biological parents as to how the guardian provides support, an affidavit or a notarized statement of legal guardianship, a Medical Power of attorney, preschool or school enrollment verification.

² Dependent over 18 applies to a parent or child(ren) where the student provides a documented family need (e.g. financial, medical), not just a convenience.

The following guidelines will be observed before an apartment is assigned:

  • All family members must be in residence from the beginning of tenancy
  • At least one adult must be registered in a degree program at the University of California at Berkeley
  • Persons who have been evicted from Family Student Housing or have previously breached a University rental agreement will be considered unacceptable for future tenancy