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Life at Unit 2 - Ehrman
Scott is a sophomore majoring in engineering and computer science. He is from Fullerton in Orange County, CA. Scott chose to live at Unit 2 again because of the super fast Internet connection (T3 in the halls) and its prime location near all the great restaurants in Berkeley.

Q: What was your first impression of Unit 2?
A: The sleek look of the Unit 2 remind me of a metropolitan apartment complex, with the high-rises around a clean man-made courtyard, trimmed grassy areas, and a bike-rack shack. You'd never be able to guess that the newly renovated Academic Services Center is beneath the courtyard. I go there every day to pick up my mail, and I use the computer lab services when my printer is jammed.

Q: What can residents do at Unit 2 in their free time?
A: In my building, there's a kitchenette and recreational room on the ground floor. My roommate and I used to play pool or ping pong in the rec room a lot, but the pool table broke a while ago. I think they replaced it recently, but I've been too busy to check it out.

Q: What are you doing when you're not downstairs in the lounges?
A: It's midterm season, so I've just been doing some work in my double room. The view from the sixth floor is amazing; in addition to People's Park, I can see the entire Bay! It just gets a little bit hot when the sun hits it directly.

Q: Do you visit friends in other buildings often?
A: It's really easy to visit my friends in other buildings at Unit 2. I find it a little inconvenient to have to sign in at the other buildings after 5 PM, but it's not terrible. Usually I'll just run to another floor in Ehrman though.

Q: What places are within a ten minute walk from your building?
A: Unit 2's location is pretty cool because it's close to Crossroads Dining Commons and all the restaurants and stores on Durant and Telegraph (my favorites are La Burrita, Top Dog, and Blondie's) but also close to the Elmwood restaurants on College Ave. If my friends and I are looking for a good celebratory dinner, the College Ave. restaurants are great alternatives to going all the way out to San Francisco (which we do sometimes as well).

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