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Student Life

Residents' Video Blogs

Most students and parents wonder what residential culture is like, but it's hard to figure it out if you've never actually lived in one of the halls.

What do students do when they're not in class? What is it like sharing a co-ed bathroom? Where can you study in your building? How does one find a suitable roommate? Is anyone in charge of new residents?

Find out the answers to these questions (and more) from real students themselves. Hear them discuss what they get from living in the halls. Hear them recount their true (and sometimes brutally honest) thoughts about issues that all students encounter. Hear them reveal how they've learned from their residential experience.

Watch all the video clips below to hear residents dish on real life in the residence halls, or navigate by topic:

Greg on Living in a Triple

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Only At Berkeley

Cal students invented the college football tradition of card stunts. Then known as Bleacher Stunts, they were first performed during the 1910 Big Game and consisted of two stunts: a picture of the Stanford Axe and a large blue "C" on a white background. The tradition continues today in the Cal student section and incorporates complicated motions, for example Oski uprooting the Stanford tree during the Big Game.