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Troy Gilbert
Director, New Student Services


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"New students' initial encounters with the institution may have profound effects on subsequent levels of involvement, and these encounters should be carefully designed to socialize students to the institution's highest educational values and goals." (How College Affects Students, 1991)

Helping Students Transition and Become Active Members of
the Cal Community

The New Student Services (NSS) team works year-round creating and implementing programs and publications to help welcome new undergraduates to Berkeley and to ease their transition through their first few months. Much of our success can be attributed to the group of continuing Cal students who help run our programs and to the collaboration and support of campus academic and service units.

In addition to offering one and two day summer orientation programs for entering students and their parents, we collaborate with our Residential Living colleagues to provide a variety of experiences during Welcome Week. These experiences address many of the transitional issues in the personal, social, and academic domains that will affect the quality of experience for new First Year and transfer students.

New Student Services also works closely with University recruitment activities and spring outreach programming to admitted students and their parents at newly admitted student receptions throughout the state. With Residential Living, we host visitors to our campus.

Resource, A Reference Guide for New Berkeley Students
New Student Services publishes a guide that answers many questions that new students are likely to have. Resource--everything you need to know about Berkeley, is given to every new undergraduate and is available through the NSS website and hard copy versions are available at Ned's (2480 Bancroft Way) and the Cal Student Store (corner of Bancroft and Telegraph).